There’s more to food safety than just washing your hands

Thea Ernest is not food scientist. She grew into a food safety educator through hands on work and focused study — so she knows the same stomach-turning fear of test-taking that you yourself might feel. 

And it’s because Thea remembers those late-night study sessions for a ServSafe exam (a day out of your life that you’ll never get back) that RI Safe Kitchens is right for you.

What DOES a 90 question multiple choice test have to do with the realities of prepping for a 32 person farm-to-table dinner?

Imagine ending a day of ServSafe training and noticing that you don’t feel the need to immediately down an entire bottle of Cab. In fact, it went faster than expected and you’re actually looking forward to using some new methods you’ve never thought of before.

We, as a nation, are obsessed with food and health (not that we are good at it). But NO ONE wants to lose days or lose a life to food borne illness.

YOU can have a positive impact on health, and RI Safe Kitchens is here to help you become certified or re-certified in food safety. 

Our approach is collaborative and kinesthetic.

Our teaching style is designed to help the material sink in, and improve your chances of passing the exam.

And, you’ll become a more valuable employee or new hire with successful Food Safety Certification.

What do we offer?

RI Safe Kitchens currently offers these services:

  • Pre-inspection consulting and HACCP planning

  • Food Safety Manager and Food Handler training/certification both online and live classes.

  • Just need an exam proctor? We do that, too!

  • Workshops for consumer groups.

Ready to Get Started?

Call 401-477-2122 or email Thea at for more information on workshops, certification, or consulting. 



Do you have a food safety story? Share it with us on the blog! The RISK blog tells stories from everyday life about struggles keeping food safe. Just email with your experience.


Thea Ernest, Owner and Lead Instructor

Thea Ernest, Owner and Lead Instructor



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