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Where are the classes held?

Each posted class has a specific address and location listed. We work with incubator kitchens and other locations that fill the gap in the local food safety education scene.

What do I need to bring to class?

Bring a photo ID, your book, and a good attitude! We break for lunch for one-half hour and have refrigeration available. We are reviewing what you have already studied. Come and show off what you know, play games and prepare to take the exam. I’ll supply #2 pencils for the tests and some drinks and snacks to keep us happy for the day.

After i register for the class, can I have someone else come in place of me?

No. Nope. Can not. Never.

where are you located?

We’re a Rhode Island based company that produces classes in various locations.

If i change my mind, what about refunds?

To encourage you to commit, NO refunds are available. Please choose class dates wisely and make sure you are there. In case of emergency that causes you to miss the class, we will credit your payment to another class date.

What is the cut off date for registration?

Registration ends 6 business days before the exam. We want you to have time to receive your book and study. We want you to succeed! You put in your work and we will add ours.