Passionate, accessible, inclusive, humorous, and determined to help people truly understand the risks of foodborne illnesses.
— Melissa Berger, Regional Trainer for Whole Foods Market



Thea has volunteered as a ServSafe tutor for individual students in the Community Kitchen program. She comes with an enthusiasm and knowledge for the topics of food safety that really helps our students to learn. She's patient and respectful with everyone.  Thea is willing to be creative in ways to help students understand confusing or complicated aspects of food safety. We highly recommend her as a person passionate about food safety and someone able to make it interesting to others as well.

— Ms. Mev Miller, Career Readiness & Life Skills Manager for Community Kitchen, a Culinary Job Training Program for Rhode Island Community Food Bank

Thea Ernest as a food safety educator…passionate, accessible, inclusive, humorous and determined to help people truly understand the risks of foodborne illnesses and the approaches to take to eliminate the potential hazards.  Thea teaches from the heart using a variety of techniques and tools to make sure that her students are engaged and learning.  Her methods assure successful test scores from the national accreditation exams but even more importantly prepare food service professionals for success in the workplace.  Time spent in Thea's class is enjoyable, informative and the gold standard for anyone looking to improve their understanding of foodborne Illness. 

— Melissa berger, North Atlantic Regional Trainer, Whole Foods Market 


Past Clients

Whole Foods Market
RI, CT and MA, Awarded the Whole Foods Market North Atlantic Regional All Star In-Store Educator

RI Community Food Bank
Community Kitchen, Cranston RI

Higher Ground International
Providence RI

The LGBT Café
Meals for Seniors, Cranston RI

Urban Greens Co-op Market
Providence RI